Annual General Meeting 18 April 2023

You are cordially invited to attend the AGM of Marylebone Forum,
at 6.30pm on Tuesday 18 April, at St Marylebone Parish Church


Through community consultation, we have identified three core themes for Marylebone

Sustainability & Air Quality

We know that air quality is an important issue to local residents and those who work here, recognising its effect on health and wellbeing as well as the wider impact on the environment.

To help address these concerns, we are actively seeking and supporting projects that reduce emissions, improve local air quality and encourage greener actions and behaviours.

Sustainability will also form the foundations of the Marylebone Neighbourhood Plan.

What we are doing

Community & Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of those who live and work locally are critical to creating neighbourhood cohesion and enhancing the area’s thriving community spirit.

What we are doing

Spaces & streets

For the area to thrive, its outdoor spaces and streets must be of a high standard and function to meet the needs of those who live, work and run businesses here, as well as appeal to those visiting or passing through the area.

What we are doing

Tell us your priorities for Marylebone

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