Welcome to the Marylebone Forum, bringing together those who live, work, study (or have a child at school) in the Marylebone area.

We work together as a group of representative stakeholders to identify ways to make this area even better looking at priorities, issues and challenges and addressing them through CIL funding, acting as a representative voice for the area and the development of a Neighbourhood Plan.

Our Priorities

Through our consultation with local stakeholders, we identified the following core themes which underpin all of the work we do and projects that we support.

About Us

The Marylebone Forum…

– supports and endorses applications for CIL Funding
– is developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Marylebone
– acts as a positive voice for Marylebone, representing residents as well as businesses and other stakeholders in the community.

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Get Involved

Interested in becoming a member? We welcome those who live, work or study (or have a child in school) in the Marylebone area.

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What Do You Think?

Do you agree with our priorities? Is there anything you’d like to add?