Annual General Meeting 18 April 2023

You are cordially invited to attend the AGM of Marylebone Forum,
at 6.30pm on Tuesday 18 April, at St Marylebone Parish Church

CIL Funding

The Community Infrastructure Levy

CIL Funding

Do you have a Marylebone community project in need of funding?

How to apply for Funding

What is CIL funding?

The Community Infrastructure Levy is a charge that can be levied by councils on new developments to enable them to fund the infrastructure needed to support development in their area.

In Westminster, the funds collected are separated into two pots – the City Portion spent by the council on delivering the infrastructure needed to support growth, and the Neighbourhood Portion divided among the 21 Neighbourhood Areas (one of which being Marylebone) to address the demands of development within their area.

Visit Westminster’s CIL Fund webpages for more information on how it works (including how much is currently in the funding pot!)

Marylebone Forum's role in CIL funding

As a designated neighbourhood forum for the Marylebone area, we play an important role in supporting and endorsing applications for CIL funding for projects that meet the priorities and address the challenges that our Forum has identified.

These priorities came about through consultation with local stakeholders in 2018/19 and through ongoing discussion amongst members at Forum meetings.

You can find out more about criteria and how to apply here.

Don’t be put off by the seemingly complicated process! We have partners and previously successful applicants that are on hand to offer support if you need it.

Got a great idea for CIL funding?

Do you have a project based in the Marylebone area that you think would benefit from neighbourhood CIL funding?

Get in touch and submit your idea.
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