We are making a Plan for Marylebone

Marylebone Forum is the designated neighbourhood planning forum for the area.

Our focus is on local development and shaping the future of Marylebone.

We share a vision for Marylebone to be a vibrant place to live, work or study. We cherish Marylebone’s unique character and heritage, whilst striving towards the highest standards for new development, public spaces and local amenities.

Marylebone Forum is an independent organisation of local stakeholders, and has been designated by Westminster City Council to represent the Marylebone community.

The Forum is developing a Neighbourhood Plan, which, if successful, will be adopted into local legislation. The Forum supports applications from local projects, for funding from Neighbourhood CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) funds.

If you live, work or study (or have child in school/nursery) in Marylebone, please come and join us.

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