The Next Step

Following designation as a Neighbourhood Forum we intend to engage in consultations with all members of the Forum as an important part of the construction of an evidence base on which we can assess the scope and content of any proposed plan for the area. This will be your chance to help set out the communities overall vision for the area and its aims for future development. Once we have refined the issues thrown up from such consultations it will be the job of the Forum to employ professional help in formulating policy though a plan that seeks to reflect the wishes of the community. Therefore there would be a continuing engagement with Forum members throughout this process. As Forum members you would be given the details of the plan as it evolves and different options that may be proposed for the plan on which you would be able to express your options or preferences.


The Neighbourhood Plan

Once formally established, the Forum can then start the plan making process for the Marylebone Area. This Neighbourhood Plan should deal with development and control matters at a local level, although it may be that other local issues are also addressed. The plan, if approved in a subsequent referendum, would be an important and influential document as it would take precedence over Westminster Council’s existing local plan for the area and help guide the future development of Marylebone.

Progress to Date

We have applied for and received a designated area for the Marylebone Forum from Westminster City Council (see designation map). We have also applied for designation as a Neighbourhood Forum for this area and following the consultation period on this we are now awaiting Westminster Council’s decision on this. Any updates will be published under the News section of this website.

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We are keen to involve the whole community of Marylebone within the Forum in forwarding its aims to benefit those who live or work in the area.