Photo: The Portman Estate

Spaces and Streets

For the area to thrive, its outdoor spaces and streets must be of a standard and adequate function to meet the needs of those who live, work and run businesses here, as well as appeal to those visiting or passing through the area.

What we are doing

We are actively seeking infrastructure projects to put forward for CIL funding that will improve the area’s outdoor spaces and public realm. 

Find out more about CIL funding and how to apply here.

We are developing policies for the Neighbourhood Plan that work within existing planning frameworks to ensure that public spaces and local streets work for all members of the community. Policies currently under consideration include encouraging sustainable transport (reducing car use and encouraging walking and cycling), support for small businesses (including retail) as well as focussed policies in areas such as Edgware Road.

Find out more about the Marylebone Neighbourhood Plan here.

Recent successes

We supported an application for CIL funding for an insights study into Edgware Road with the aim of establishing an evidence base for future planning policy and infrastructure interventions with the long-term vision of creating a thriving destination that knits together the diverse community and businesses. This included analysis of existing provision, audiences, user-satisfaction, future opportunities and planning policy, using a variety of data sources, as well as an assessment of existing business units, their quality, ownership and leases.

The Edgware Road Insight Study: Final Report was completed in July 2021.