Neighbourhood Planning Symposium

Following a request from attendees at the Forum meeting on the 25th February , a first educational symposium on Neighbourhood Planning was held at International Students House on the 17th June 2015.

The exercise was conducted by Tony Burton , who has been a major force in the development of Forums/Neighbourhood Planning and has written a number of publications on the topic.

The presentation briefly covered the background to “Localism” and neighbourhood planning, and then went on to review the progress made to date both nationally and more specifically in the Greater London area.

While some 1500+ projects are now under way to develop Neighbourhood Forums , only some two or three have yet reached the final stage and a realistic timescale of two to three years was mentioned.

In an interactive exercise, a number of local problems , worries or demands were highlighted and these were then reviewed as to the possibility of being affected or at least influenced by a Neighbourhood Plan . The primary consideration was the need –or otherwise- for planning permission. If required ,the neighbourhood plan could have a much greater influence.

The presentation was followed by a lengthy Q&A session.

Full details of the presentation are available on the Forum website.

We are still awaiting a final response from Westminster City Council regarding the designation of the Marylebone Forum.

Once this has been achieved, we will move to the AGM and election of a Forum Committee.

A copy of the presentation can be found in the Neighbourhood Planning Section under PRESENTATIONS – click here.

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