Marylebone Forum Open Meeting – 10th October 2016

An Open Meeting of the Marylebone Forum will take place at 7:00 pm on 10th October 2016 at the St. Marylebone Parish Church, 17 Marylebone Road, NW1 5LT.

The purpose of the meeting is to inform you about the progress the Forum Committee has made to date and more importantly to hear from you!  It will provide an opportunity for each sub-committee chair to report on their areas of concern and interest and accomplishments so far as we move to the development of a Neighbourhood Plan. It will also provide an opportunity to engage directly with Committee members and to ask questions about the Forum and Committee progress. It will also give you the chance to consider recommendations to improve the overall function of the Forum Committee and to join the Forum if you have not already done so.

Please come and support your Forum, and encourage others who live or work in the area to do so as well.



7:00 pm Monday October 10th 2016


  1. Apologies
  2. Welcome and Introduction
  3. Report of Marylebone Fayre Engagement
  4. Reports from Sub-Groups
  • Design and Conservation
  • Parking
  • Special Policy Areas
  • Lifetime Neighbourhood
  • Air Quality
  • The Public Realm and Transport
  1. Governance Committee Proposals
  • Action item
  1. Forum Committee Reports
  • Finance and Funding
  1. Questions
  2. Engagement with Committee Members


Under item 5 Governance Committee Proposals, Forum members will be asked to consider the following motions concerning the membership of the Forum and the present Articles of Association:

5.1 To consider a motion from the Forum Committee to enrol all signed up members of the Marylebone Forum as members of the Marylebone Forum Limited subject to opt outs.

5.2 To consider a motion from the Forum Committee to amend various items in the Articles of Association set out in the Schedule attached.

5.3 To consider a motion from Forum Committee member Steven Dollond, not supported by the Forum Committee, that Forum members approve the following amendment to the Articles of Association of the Marylebone Forum:

Powers:    Under Article 6.5 the Forum has the power to submit a Neighbourhood Development Plan subject to “the prior approval (of) at least 75% of the Committee”.  It is proposed that, in order to give greater validity to the Plan, Forum Members attending a Full Forum Meeting shall have the right to vote on the Plan by a simple majority.

See attachment for details Articles of Association Proposals

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