Marylebone Forum on hold pending new City Plan

The Marylebone Forum Committee has taken the decision to put on hold its work towards the development of our Neighbourhood Plan. This means that there will be no formal Committee activity on the Plan until further notice.

The Committee will remain in place as will all the officers and we still would like to hold an AGM in January 2018 although the date is yet to be decided.

This decision has been taken on the recommendation of our planning consultants, rCOH, and for a number of reasons.

It was announced on 16th June that Westminster City Council is to undertake a full review of its City Plan, at present scheduled for adoption in Autumn 2018; the Mayor is also in the process of revising the London Plan. Our Plan would need to be in general conformity with the strategic policies of both, as these would prevail over any Neighbourhood Plan in case of conflict. It therefore makes sense to delay our planning activities until more is known about the scope and content of both.

Further, disappointingly, and in spite of our best endeavours, we have not been entirely successful in fully engaging the business and resident community in this project, and this is crucial for the successful development of the Plan. It has therefore become evident that we will require professional input and assistance to get to grips with other ways of achieving fuller community engagement. This would however require further funding, and we will need to explore ways of obtaining this.

Individual members of the Committee will however continue to work on current issues that concern our members. We will also continue to work with our three Marylebone amenity societies and the area’s various business representatives on these and other matters.

Members of the Committee will be meeting with representatives of Westminster City Council in September to discuss funding and the future of the Forum. In the meantime the areas of focus will remain as follows:

· Design and Conservation
· Special Policy Areas
· Lifetime Neighbourhood
· Parking
· The Public Realm and Transport

We will endeavour to keep you informed of any new developments and encourage you to look at our website for additional information. Any questions please contact us at:

MF announcement 170713

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