Marylebone Forum AGM Report – January 2017

Forum AGM 2017The Marylebone Forum AGM was held at the Marylebone Parish Church on the 26th January 2017 and commenced at 7.10 pm with an attendance of approximately 80 people. Proceedings were opened by Kevin Coyne as Forum Chairman. The Chairman welcomed everyone and gave a brief outline of progress to date and the items on the evening’s agenda. He also welcomed Rachael Ferry-Jones, Principal Policy officer at Westminster Council with responsibility for Neighbourhood Planning, and thanked her for attending. Ward Councillor for Bryanston and Dorset Square, Julia Alexander was also in attendance, and apologies were received from Councillor Jonathan Glanz, West End Ward. Thanks were given to Steven Evans Rector of Marylebone Parish Church for the use of the Church and supply of refreshments.

The election of the Forum Committee then followed. The nominees for both the resident and non-resident constituency were proposed, seconded and duly elected to serve on the Committee for the year to come. The Committee aims to achieve an equal balance between residents and non-residents as set out under the terms of its articles of association and members were informed that there were two vacancies to be filled on the residential side and that the Committee was always actively looking for more volunteers to serve on the Committee, or indeed, in other roles on the Forum.

Members Elected for the Year 2017/18 are listed below:


1 Sheila D’Souza
2 Amanda Feeny
3 Ian Macpherson
4 Richard Lovell
5 Michael Bolt
6 Tim Carnegie
7 Steven Dollond
8 Sarah Buttleman
9 Stephen Quinn
10 Yael Saunders
11 Vacancy
12 Vacancy


1 Kevin Coyne
2 Michael Meadows
3 Steven Medway
4 Penny Alexander
5 Andrew Wilson
6 Kay Buxton
7 Lisa Glover
8 Simon Loomes
9 Phil Wilson
10 Hugh Small
11 Canon Stephen Evans
12 Paul Ugwu

The Forum Officers were then proposed, seconded and elected as below:

Kevin Coyne – Forum Chairman.
Andrew Wilson – Forum Secretary.
Phil Wilson – Forum Treasurer.

Following this there were were presentations from the five of the Forum’s subgroup convenors, each summarising their work to date:

Design and Conservation – Tim Carnegie.
Parking – Hugh Small.
Lifetimes Neighbourhood – Sarah Buttleman.
Special policy Areas – Andrew Wilson.
Public Realm and Transport – Simon Loomes.
Next there was a motion was proposed to adopt those Articles of Association which had been previously approved by Forum members and Westminster City Council, following which Committee member Steven Dollond had incorporated them into the existing Articles. This was carried unanimously, with no abstentions. The new Articles to be placed on the Forum Website.

Treasurer Phil Wilson then gave a Finance update on the year’s activities which included grant from the Lottery Fund, Awards for All and further Locality Grant Funding, made available through the Department of Communities and Local Government and afterwards Committee member Steven Dollond addressed members on the importance of transparency in the accounts which he felt was not reflected in the wording at present. The Chairman confirmed that indeed the accounts were transparent and he would find a form of wording that would better reflect that. The accounts were presented and received a vote of approval.

General questions followed, answered by various Committee members, mainly focussing on current areas of concern in the Marylebone, amongst which were the topics listed below:

Air Quality.
Parking in Marylebone, and particularly parking abuse.
Baker Street Two-Way Scheme, pollution consequences.
Future of the Marylebone Library, and future of Adult Education in the area.
Mayor’s Schemes for Cycle Ways and how it affects Marylebone.
Mayor’s Scheme for proposed pedestrianisation of Oxford Street and its affects on Marylebone.
Traffic and speeding, methods of control.

The meeting was concluded at 8.55, refreshments were available and there was then the opportunity for Forum members to chat with informally with members of the Forum Committee on the topics raised at the meeting and generally.

We would like to thank the following for their generous contributions of funding and provisions of facilities all free of charge to the Forum over the past year:

Lottery Funding – Awards for All and Department of Communities and Local Government Communities via Locality for their Grant Support.

The Rector of Marylebone Parish Church for the provision of the church and refreshments and facilities for the previous two Forum meetings.

The Howard de Walden Estate for the provision of meeting rooms and refreshments for the Forum Committee and making available a stall pitch at the Marylebone Fayre.

The Portman Estate for the provision of meeting rooms and refreshments for the Forum Committee and the contribution of £1000 towards the expenses of the costs of the previous AGM.

Streathers Solicitors, Baker Street for the provision of meeting rooms and refreshments for the Forum Committee.

The Forum Committee are grateful to all of the above for their various contributions without which the Forum would have been unable to progress with its work to date.

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