CIL funds

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a tax that local authorities charge developers for infrastructure needs arising from new developments.

CIL funds raised from developments are split into 2 pots:

85% goes into the ‘Strategic CIL’ pot, which the Council can use for infrastructure projects across the borough.

15% goes into the ‘Neighbourhood CIL’ pot, which must be used within the Neighbourhood area where the funds were raised.

As the designated neighbourhood forum, Marylebone Forum will play a key role identifying and supporting local projects through the application process for Neighbourhood CIL funding.

Westminster City Council has now issued detailed guidance and an application process, for the allocation of Neighbourhood CIL funds. Projects have to meet certain criteria set out by the Council, and the application process requires evidence of community consultation and support.

From November 2018-February 2019, Marylebone Forum carried out a community consultation on general topics for CIL funding – the results are shown here.

Marylebone Forum established a CIL group, to assess CIL funding applications against community consultation results.

July 2019: first application for funding from Marylebone Neighbourhood CIL received from St Marylebone parish church.

October 2019: Westminster City Council CIL committee approved the application.

Since then, 3 further applications have been received and supported by the Forum, and approved by the Council.