Photo: The Portman Estate

Sustainability & Air Quality

We know that air quality is an important issue to local residents and those who work here, recognising its effect on health and wellbeing as well as the wider impact on the environment. To help address these concerns, we are actively seeking and supporting projects that reduce emissions, improve local air quality and encourage greener actions and behaviours. Sustainability will also form the foundations of the Marylebone Neighbourhood Plan.

What we are doing

We support applications for CIL funding that tackle the issue of air quality in the local area, for example, the recently installed air filtration units at The St Marylebone CE School (see below). We continue to seek applications on this and the wider topic of sustainability. Visit our CIL Funding page for more information on how to apply.

Sustainability will be a core theme that runs throughout all of the policies we develop for the Neighbourhood Plan. Policies that are currently under consideration include:

– Support for alterations that reduce energy demand and improve the environmental sustainability of existing buildings (subject to the character and appearance of historic buildings and their surroundings being protected through appropriate design)
– Seeking to protect and enhance existing open and green spaces and create new opportunities to secure these spaces for now and into the future. The focus is to maximise biodiversity, well-being, social and amenity value.
– Seeking to protect existing play spaces and encourage the creation of new activity space for children of all ages to benefit from.
– Ensuring that major developments provide new or improved high-quality publicly accessible open and green spaces.
– Encouraging the planting of new trees alongside new developments while properly maintaining existing trees for the future.
– Rebalancing parking to ensure it is where it is needed and reduced in areas of low demand to enable broader benefits.

These policies are currently under consideration as we explore how they fit into the wider planning framework within Westminster. Visit our Neighbourhood Plan page to find out more.

Recent successes:

In 2020, we supported a CIL funding application by The St Marylebone CE School for the installation of an air filtration system.

It was well-documented that on-site air pollution levels were high given the school’s proximity to Marylebone Road, most recently in the School Clean Air Audit report that was commissioned by Westminster City Council.

The CIL funding was used to install air filtration units resulting in a significant improvement in air quality within school buildings and making a notable difference to the health and wellbeing of children and school staff.

Visit our CIL Funding page for more information on how to apply. 

Photo: The St Marylebone School