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News | The Marylebone Forum

City Council opens process to apply for Neighbourhood CIL funding

Westminster City Council has issued detailed guidance and an application process, for Neighbourhood CIL funds. Applications for funding for local projects are being invited through neighbourhood forums, and there will be 2 rounds of applications per year. Deadline for this first round is July 24th. If you have a project to nominate for CIL funding, please complete the Neighbourhood CIL Application Form and email it to contact@maryleboneforum.org. Cllr Beddoe...

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2019 AGM: 6.30pm on Wed 8 May

The 2019 AGM of the Marylebone Forum will be held at 6.30pm on Wednesday 8 May, at St Marylebone Parish Church, 17 Marylebone Road, NW1 5LT. The meeting is open to all who live, work or study (or have a child at school) in Marylebone. Membership forms to join the Forum will be available at the entrance. Marylebone Forum AGM 8 May 2019...

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Forum responds to WCC consultations

The end of December marked not only Christmas, but also the end of three major Westminster Council consultation periods. The Forum Committee discussed our responses in detail during December, and responses were sent into the consultations on the draft City Plan, and new proposals for the Oxford Street district and Edgware Road. Read our response in full click here: Marylebone Forum City Plan response 18 Dec 2018 Marylebone Forum Oxford Street response 15 Dec 2018 Marylebone Forum Edgware Road response 18 Dec 2018...

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Launch of CIL Funds Survey

Marylebone Forum has developed a short survey about allocation of CIL funds, to be launched at Marylebone Christmas Lights Switch On. If you live, work or study here, have your say on local priorities to spend £670k CIL funds. The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a tax that local authorities charge developers for infrastructure needs arising from new developments. As a designated Forum, Marylebone Forum has an advisory role to Westminster City Council on the allocation of 15% of CIL funds in Marylebone. To date, £4.5m has been collected from new developments, so the Forum can advise on the allocation of £670k towards local projects (which must meet WCC criteria for funding). The Forum has launched a short online survey to understand community priorities. The survey will run online for 12 weeks from 14 November. Hard copies are available – please use the Contact page to request. The Forum will be circulating the survey through local amenity societies, business groups, places of worship, schools etc to encourage the widest local participation possible. Please complete the survey and encourage your colleagues and neighbours to do so...

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WCC City Plan launched

The long-awaited WCC City Plan has been launched for consultation. Marylebone Forum Committee will meet on 6 Dec to review contents to see what opportunities will exist for our own neighbourhood planning policies. WCC consultation closes on Dec 21. Please do have a look at the City Plan at www.westminster.gov.uk/cityplan2040. You can respond directly to WCC at planningpolicy@westminster.gov.uk, or share your thoughts by contacting Marylebone Forum at...

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WCC plans for Oxford St launched

Following WCC’s change of policy over the pedestrianisation of Oxford Street, after responding to concerns about the impact on the wider area, WCC launch their new strategy for the area. Marylebone Forum will meet on 6 Dec to review and respond. WCC consultation closes on 16 December. Please have a look at the plans at  www.osd.london which includes a survey for your thoughts and...

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Marylebone Forum to resume

Marylebone Forum is to resume, in anticipation of the publication of the new Westminster City Plan, expected September 2018. The next Forum Committee meeting will take place in late September, to discuss our response to the policies in the new draft WCC City Plan, which will determine what opportunities will be available for our own Neighbourhood Plan...

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AGM Notice – 17th April 2018

Dear Marylebone Resident/ Worker/ Local Business/Forum Member, You are cordially invited to attend the AGM of the Marylebone Forum which will take place at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, April 17th in the Crypt of the St. Marylebone Parish Church, 17 Marylebone Road, NW1 5LT. The AGM meeting has been re-scheduled due to the severe weather on February 28th that resulted in very low attendance. The purpose of the meeting will be to elect your Forum Committee members and Officers and to inform you about the progress the Forum Committee has made to date and more importantly to hear from you! It will provide an opportunity for you to hear about the Mayor’s plan for Oxford Street and other is- sues that will affect greater Marylebone. It will also provide an opportunity to engage directly with Committee members and to ask questions about the Forum and matters arising. We welcome applications for positions on the Forum Committee. All nominations should be sent to me at: kcthedean@gmail.com before April 9th 2018. Marylebone Forum Ltd AGM 18 Agenda Proposed Marylebone Forum Ltd Committee 2018/19 Please come and support your Forum, and encourage others who live or work in the area to do so as well. Best regards, Kevin Coyne Chairman Marylebone Neighbourhood Forum...

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Marylebone Forum on hold pending new City Plan

The Marylebone Forum Committee has taken the decision to put on hold its work towards the development of our Neighbourhood Plan. This means that there will be no formal Committee activity on the Plan until further notice. The Committee will remain in place as will all the officers and we still would like to hold an AGM in January 2018 although the date is yet to be decided. This decision has been taken on the recommendation of our planning consultants, rCOH, and for a number of reasons. It was announced on 16th June that Westminster City Council is to undertake a full review of its City Plan, at present scheduled for adoption in Autumn 2018; the Mayor is also in the process of revising the London Plan. Our Plan would need to be in general conformity with the strategic policies of both, as these would prevail over any Neighbourhood Plan in case of conflict. It therefore makes sense to delay our planning activities until more is known about the scope and content of both. Further, disappointingly, and in spite of our best endeavours, we have not been entirely successful in fully engaging the business and resident community in this project, and this is crucial for the successful development of the Plan. It has therefore become evident that we will require professional input and assistance to get to grips with other ways of achieving fuller community engagement. This would however require further funding, and we will need to explore ways of obtaining this. Individual members of the Committee will however continue to work on current issues that concern our members....

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