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  1. Conserving the Parish Church of St Mary Marylebone is a high priority for our community, on the grounds that it hosts any number of valuable activities that would otherwise be curtailed or non-existent – many of them secular or multi-denominational. The Parish Church exists in a part of Marylebone where every other square inch is mercilessly costed and charged for. I think it would be disgraceful if we allowed the Parish Church to become unusable through dilapidation, when it requires no more than the first serious repairs in 150 years, by which it can serve as a community hub for another three generations. The necessary outlay at this point may seem huge, but actually, it’s trivial when set against the number of years’ generous use it would provide to the local people. I really want to see support for repairs to our Parish Church, and I hope the CIL will make provision accordingly.


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