2019 AGM will be held at 6.30pm on Wednesday 8 May at St Marylebone church

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a tax that local authorities charge developers for infrastructure needs arising from new developments.

Currently, £670,000 of CIL money has been collected from new developments, and is available for local projects nominated by the community. Westminster City Council has designated the Marylebone Forum to represent the local community views.

If you live, work or study (or have a child in school/nursery) in Marylebone, have your say on local priorities, in the short survey – select your top 3 from the 9 ideas below, or add your own idea:

CIL Funds Survey has now closed

Community facilities IDEAS

Such as: St Marylebone parish church Changing Lives programme will fund improvements to facilities and access for its GP surgery and Healing & Counselling centre; West London Mission, Seymour Place refurbishment will create a vibrant, creative community hub and enhance services provided to the 100 homeless people who visit daily.


Cycling infrastructure IDEAS

Such as: Cycle parking facilities will encourage more people to use bikes, and demonstrate that cycling is a viable transport option that is welcomed and supported locally; Segregated cycle lanes will encourage more people to use bikes by making cycling safer, which brings health benefits and reduces car journeys.


Greening IDEAS

Such as: Tree planting will help to mitigate higher temperatures in our dense urban environment, as well as providing shade and absorbing carbon dioxide; Green walls or planting beds in public realm schemes.



Library IDEAS

The new Marylebone Library will be located at the redesigned Seymour Leisure Centre, providing the opportunity to create a welcoming, vibrant and inspiring new facility. CIL money could enhance and improve the library facilities above what is currently planned.



Play Spaces IDEAS

Such as: Under 5s soft play could be reinstated into the redesigned Seymour Leisure Centre with CIL funding; Luxborough St playground refurbishment will create a safe and secure Multi-Use Games area for community use, restoring and enhancing a well-used local amenity.


Pedestrian safety IDEAS

Such as: Improved pedestrian crossings and green man traffic light crossings on local roads, (similar to the six new crossing points on Wigmore Street), will encourage walking and help to calm local traffic.



Public realm/space IDEAS

Such as: Improvements around busy stations, intersections and schools will enhance the quality and experience for pedestrian users and improve air quality.



Sports & Leisure IDEAS

Seymour Leisure Centre redesign will include a new pool, gym, and new facilities which, with the new library, will create a vibrant, exciting and inspiring community hub for all. CIL funds could enhance and improve facilities above what has already been planned.



Utilities IDEAS

Improving local broadband speed and blackspots will enable start-ups and small businesses to grow, flourish and work efficiently and competitively in the digital age and ensure Marylebone enhances its appeal to new businesses.



CIL funds survey has now closed